8BitMMO Hits Steam Early Access

Posted December 14, 2013  

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8bitMMO Hits Steam Early Access

Indie sandbox MMO now available on Steam.

Archive Entertainment has launched the desktop version of 8BitMMO on Steam Early Access, allowing early adopters to shape the retro sandbox MMO before it officially launches.

8BitMMO is an open-world sandbox MMO where you can build anything you want. The game features a huge, persistent, player-created world that is always expanding.

8BitMMO will be free-to-play when it launches, but early access will require either a beta key or one of the game’s founder packs. There are two packages available, the $9.99 Basic package, which grants you 2,100 gold, 15 plat, and an exclusive hat; and the $19.99 Deluxe package, which grants you 5,040 gold, 36 plat, and two exclusive hats.

You can find out more and buy in early on the 8BitMMO Steam page. Alternatively, you can also play the browser version of the game via its official website.