Conquer Online for iPad to Hit App Store Soon

Posted August 31, 2011  

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Conquer Online

Classic free MMORPG gets iOS makeover.

Classic F2P MMORPG Conquer Online is making its way to the iPad, publisher NetDragon has announced. NetDragon bills the port as being completely free-to-play, stating that the game will have no subscription fees and no cash shop.

Conquer Online isn’t exactly a new game, but it’s the first PC MMORPG to be fully ported to the iPad (no word on an iPhone version yet). Seeing that there aren’t many MMOs for the iPad, this is a welcome move.

The press release also states that Conquer Online is making its Facebook foray soon, though if you’re going to play on a computer you’re probably better off playing the client-based version.

Look out for Conquer Online on the App Store and Facebook in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can check out Conquer Online’s official website for more information.

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  • Cody

    interesting…but how long can this game run with no income, and why?

    • andrew

      co.91 gets their money from people bying conquer points from their store. not only is it wise to buy at least something from the store but it really benifits you when yo play the game

  • AnuZ

    maybe you will pay a small fee to get it @ the appstore.

  • 73igg

    the pic looks more like eudemons..?

  • Xanthe Leung Xanthe

    HA HA

  • Xanthe Leung Xanthe

    ……… GAME?

  • ben

    advertisements *CLICK AD to gain 2x EXP*

  • Meth

    love this.. go go go conquer on ipad..

  • javaman

    this game is a fail , TQ killed conquer only egyptians players left and 1 or 2 english players if you wanna spend 10k usd and be a king go ahead conquer is for you !