Final Fantasy 14 Open Beta Begins September 1st

Posted August 27, 2010  

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Final Fantasy 14

Last week Square Enix teased FF fans with a tweet stating that the Open Beta for Final Fantasy 14 would begin sometime “early September”, but now we have a specific date and time. Square Enix just announced via their official Final Fantasy 14 twitter account that the Open Beta will begin on September 1, 2010 at 2:00 GMT.

Here’s the full tweet:

“The FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test begins on Wednesday, September 1, 2010 at 2:00 (GMT)! We hope to see everyone participate!”

Final Fantasy 14′s closed beta tester application closed earlier last week and not much has been revealed about the Open Beta application and participation requirements. But by “everyone”, I’m guessing they mean everyone can participate.
  • AwsmSauce

    Then you're a moron.

    • Sakroit

      how come?

    • flinn

      Oh, the irony.

  • AwsmSauce

    It's just like 13,it sucks

  • Laothin

    yeah I have this and I am not happy about it… SE just screwed it up the most the could and its ruined now.. its just utter failure.

  • Laothin

    I played FFXI and I fell in love with it, but ffxiv just has some things about it that they messed up. Its still quite a beautiful game… but they retarded it with WoW inspired parts to the game… except they didn't incorporate a real pvp system yet. i dunno you be the judge i guess… that is if you have a credit card because they don't ever allow a free trial.