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Posted May 31, 2010  

Added Under STRATEGY | International | Closed Beta: July 20, 2012
# PC
End of Nations
GameTags: trion worlds, petroglyph games, lobby-based, sci-fi, military, real-time strategy

Info: End of Nations is a MMORTS that brings RTS and MMO games together for a gaming experience that is a revolutionary leap forward. End of Nations takes place on an unprecedented scale, where your strategy on and off the battlefield can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Posted January 24, 2010  

Added Under STRATEGY | International | Live: January 13, 2011
# PC

Bloodline Champions

Info: Bloodline Champions is a MOBA developed by Bumblebee Studios with short, intense matches for up to ten players divided into two teams. Chance is not a factor, spells and abilities do a set amount of damage. Random elements such as critical hits and passive abilities do not exist. Every spell is aimed and can be avoided by enemy players, making every ability dependent on individual player skill.
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Posted December 14, 2009  

Added Under STRATEGY | International | Live: March 4, 2008
# PC

Saga Online

Info: Saga Online is a fantasy MMORTS developed by Silverlode Interactive. The game features a persistent world, online chat, auction house, quest, guild wars, raiding, espionage, PvP and much more.
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Posted December 10, 2009  

Added Under STRATEGY | International | Live: May 27, 2010
# PC

World of Battles

Info: World of Battles is a medieval fantasy MMORTS developed by Frogwares. In World of Battles you play as one of the nine races fighting for world domination. Choose your faction, recruit your soldiers, arm them and launch fearsome assaults against your foes.
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Posted November 3, 2009  

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# PC

Heroes of Newerth

Info: Heroes of Newerth is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) developed by S2 Games, the developers behind the Savage series. In the game, players can play as either the Hellbourne or Legion factions with well over 20 heroes to choose from on each side.
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Posted October 30, 2009  

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League of Legends: Clash of Fates

Info: League of Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Area) developed by Riot Games and some of the creators behind the highly popular Warcraft III mod, DotA Allstars.
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Posted October 25, 2009  

Added Under STRATEGY, SHOOTER | International | Live: July 13, 2008
# PC

Savage 2

Info: Savage 2: A Tortured Soul is a multiplayer online action game that blends elements of FPS, RTS and RPG together. In the game, players may choose to play as the Legion of Man or the Beast Horde.
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