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Added January 31, 2014  

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Live: January 31, 2014
# PC
GameTags: edge of reality, indie, lobby-based, modern, third-person shooter

Info: Loadout is a fast-paced online TPS developed by Edge of Reality. The game features a robust weapon crafting system that enables players to transform weapon behavior in extreme ways, thereby defining their own class and play style. Combining weapon-crafting with acrobatic movement and over-the-top comedic violence, Loadout is packed with personality and style that deliver a fresh and satisfying alternative to the vast array of modern combat shooters.


Added April 2, 2013  

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Open Beta: June 28, 2013
# PC
GameTags: ogplanet, innoceed, lobby-based, cartoon, military, third-person shooter

Info: Gundog: Animal World War is a team-based online third-person shooter developed by Innoceed. In the game, you choose either the Union or Empire faction and play in a variety of game modes and maps.

Brick Force

Added August 11, 2012  

Added Under BROWSER, SHOOTER | International | Live: July 12, 2012
GameTags: infernum, exe games, lobby-based, voxel-based, sandbox, first-person shooter

Info: Brick-Force is a sandbox shooter developed by EXE Games and published by Infernum. The game lets players create their own maps and then share them online, using the maps they create as the backdrop for fast-paced shooting matches against fellow players in PvP or AI opponents in PvE.

Basket Dudes

Added June 21, 2010  

Added Under SPORTS | International | Open Beta: June 17, 2011
# PC
basket dudes
GameTags: bitoon games, lobby-based, cartoon, modern, basketball

Info: Basket Dudes is a free to play basketball MMO developed by Spanish MMO developer Bitoon. In Basket Dudes users will have the opportunity to create their own clubs, select their teams among more than 30 players with different characteristics and styles of playing and customize their own court. Through an online community they will also be able to compete against users all over the world and to create its own private leagues.

Spiral Knights

Added June 19, 2010  

Added Under BROWSER, ACTION | International | Live: April 4, 2011
spiral knights
GameTags: sega, three rings design, instance-based, cartoon, fantasy, brawler, action rpg

Info: Spiral Knights is a Java-based action MMO that you can play right in your browser. The Spiral Knights have awoken on an unknown world. Their equipment stores have been raided and their starship, The Skylark, will not recover from the crash. But all is not lost. Taking refuge in a town called Haven they have begun a new mission.

Super Hero Squad Online

Added May 20, 2010  

Added Under ACTION | International | Live: April 28, 2011
GameTags: marvel, gazillion entertainment, instance-based, superhero, cartoon, brawler

Info: Based on the Super Hero Squad intellectual property that has spawned a wildly popular action figure line and smash-hit animated series, the game draws upon the 5,000-plus iconic heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe.

Battlefield Heroes

Added October 30, 2009  

Added Under BROWSER, SHOOTER | International | Live: June 25, 2009

Battlefield Heroes

Info: Battlefield Heroes is a cel-shaded multiplayer online shooter developed by EA Digital Illusions. The game is basically a stripped down version of the original Battlefield game and you can play as either the Royals or Nationals, which are essentially the British and German forces in World War 2.
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