Before sending over any news tips, press releases or other emails, please take a moment to read the FAQ below:

What kinds of news do you post?
MMOOPP’s mission is to keep users updated on the latest free MMO releases, so the main focus is news on new MMO releases (eg. news on game announcements, beta, release dates etc).

If you only post about new MMO releases, can I send other MMO related news to you?
Absolutely! In fact, I’d be grateful if you could keep me updated on your games.

Do you do game reviews, previews and interviews?
No, I don’t do previews, reviews and interviews due to time constraints.

I didn’t get a reply. Did you get my email?
Most likely I did, but due to the amount of emails I get everyday it’s difficult to reply to every email individually. Please understand that I don’t work on this site full-time. I may not be able to respond to everyone, but know that every news tip, press release and game suggestion you send me is greatly appreciated!

Note that if your email needs a response but didn’t get one, it’s possible that your email was accidentally filtered by my webmail client’s filter or omitted due to a human error. If I don’t respond within a few days, please resend the email.
Now that we’re all done with the questions, let’s see some of that juicy news tips! =)

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