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Posted on April 7, 2011  

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Global Agenda F2P
Hi-Rez Studios’ shooter MMO to embrace F2P in latest update.

Global Agenda will go free-to-play in its next update, titled “Global Agenda: Free Agent”. The new update will allow players to play all character classes through level 50 and introduce a bunch of new content, including a new Dome Defense Raid for high-level players, a CTF- style Mercenary PvP game-mode with pilotable robots, revised skill-trees across all four character classes and more. The Free Agent update is expected to arrive sometime in mid-April.

Posted on March 21, 2011  

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Black Prophecy
Space shooter MMO officially launches in Europe.

Gamigo announced today the launch of Black Prophecy Europe. “There’s no doubt for us that Black Prophecy will mix things up in the MMO gaming world. It will breathe new life into the space combat genre and such elaborate production has also never been seen before in the free-to-play market.” Executive Board Member at gamigo Patrick Streppel said.

Posted on March 17, 2011  

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World of Tanks
World of Tanks live release dated for April 12, 2011. announced today that its action MMO World of Tanks is set to launch on 12th April, 2011 in Europe and North America. “Our team has been working really hard to create a unique blend of action, strategy, simulation and RPG elements in World of Tanks, and now the moment all fans across the globe have been waiting for is right around the corner”, said Victor Kislyi, CEO of

Posted on January 15, 2011  

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Blacklight 2

According to a recent report by Eurogamer, Zombie Studios is working on a sequel to Blacklight: Tango Down, a downloadable first-person shooter released on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 last year. Blacklight: Tango Down only costs $15, and the sequel will cost even less. In fact, it’ll be free. “Zombie has decided to move the game to a F2P model to break in to a market that is huge in Asia and growing in the USA and Europe.” said Blacklight 2 project lead Jared Gerritzen.
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Posted on January 4, 2011  

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APB may be going into closed beta as early as late February. “We now have enough clarity to at least make an initial prediction of when we will launch Closed Beta. Right now it looks like sometime in late February if everything goes exactly according to plan (and we know how often that happens : )),” said GamersFirst CTO and COO Bjorn Book-Larsson in a Sunday blog post detailing APB’s current state. The “and we know how often that happens” part is a bit unsettling. Let’s hope GamersFirst won’t pull the Valve Time maneuver on us.
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Posted on December 30, 2010  

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Mars war

MMOLover announced recently that its MMOFPS Mars War will officially launch on January 10, 2011. The game is set on Mars (no surprise there), and somehow you’re involved in a war where two rival factions are competing for control of the planet’s resources. The story is about as cliche and cookie-cutter as it gets, but this game isn’t about the story, it’s about the size. 1000 players blowing each other up with robots, tanks and spaceships on the same battlefield. Yeah, I drooled.
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