RO2 Gets Global Release, Beta Coming Next Month

Posted March 16, 2013  

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Ragnarok Online 2 Gets Global Release, Beta Coming Next Month

Gravity publishing Ragnarok Online 2 through WarpPortal.

Gravity Interactive has announced that it will be releasing Ragnarok Online 2 through its own WarpPortal platform and that the game’s beta is coming next month.

You can sign up for the beta now and join the test when it begins mid-April. No further details about the beta test have been announced, but you can keep an eye on the game’s Facebook page for the latest updates.

  • Iskavan Kritz

    WoW That looks amazing

  • manh3aven

    not worth it :)

  • iicecube

    It poor gameplay with some nice graphic only..

    Not really worth the time on this game..

  • Sneakers2013

    Yes I will definitely try this! :)