SOE Announces Dragon’s Prophet, Starts Beta Sign-Ups

Posted October 20, 2012  


SOE Announces Dragon's Prophet, Starts Beta Sign-Ups

SOE inks deal with Runewaker to bring Dragon’s Prophet to North America.

Sony Online Entertainment announced at the SOE Live event yesterday that it has reached a licensing agreement with Runes of Magic developer Runewaker to bring Dragon’s Prophet to North America.

“As one of the most imaginative and high-quality MMOs in development, Dragon’s Prophet is an incredible addition to our portfolio. It is an exceptional reflection of our mission to develop and support next generation MMOs,” said SOE President John Smedley. “Dragons are some of the most legendary, fearsome and majestic creatures. With thousands of years of story and more dragons in the game than any other MMO, we’re excited to unleash this IP so people can play and interact with dragons like never before.”

Originally announced last year, Dragon’s Prophet is an action-based MMORPG where players can fight, capture, train as well as ride dragons.

The game’s closed beta is set to begin in the next few months and those interested in playing can sign up on the newly launched Dragon’s Prophet website.