TERA F2P Launch Dated

Posted January 31, 2013  


TERA F2P Launch Dated

TERA free-to-play from February 5.

TERA is going free-to-play in North America and Europe starting Tuesday, February 5, publishers En Masse and Gameforge have announced.

Check out the official announcements for launch details:
TERA North America: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/tera-rising-available-february-5

TERA Europe: http://tera-europe.com/en/home/news/article/f2p-launch-date-tuesday-5th-of-february-2013.html

Also check out En Masse’s announcement trailer below:

  • Some Guy Online :D


  • Kshaja

    It’s f2p from 4th february, currently there’s only unlimited trial with same trial restrictions on a player.

    • Some Guy Online :D

      I have had no restrictions so far and I consider that just as good as f2p

  • Cody McG

    Why start now though? New Server begins soon.

  • Angel

    40+ min cues to get on a server during peak times, crashes system during cue wait forcing you to reset your PC, random crashes ingame meaning you have to cue for server again and thats without the 25gig download required to install the game. From what I have played of the game i would have considered this worth it in the past, but given that this has moved from a P2P to F2P they should have prepared for these problems. There are plenty of other MMO’s out there that don’t have these issues. So I’m giving this a miss as its too much of a headache to play.