The War Z Announced, Beta Sign-Ups Begin

Posted July 20, 2012  

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The War Z Announced, Beta Sign-ups Open

DayZ inspired survival horror MMO now accepting beta sign-ups.

Arktos Entertainment and Hammerpoint Interactive have announced The War Z (TWZ), a new session-based zombie-apocalypse MMO that seems to draw heavy inspiration from popular ARMA 2 mod DayZ.

“The whole team is completely obsessed with the zombie culture as well as with post-apocalyptic games like Fallout,” said The War Z senior game designer Eric Nordin. “Since we started the design of the game, we have continued to incorporate new features that inspire us as we go.”

“At the end of the day we want to ship a game that we want to play ourselves and we’re hoping that other gamers will recognize our passion and be excited about playing as well!”

Here’s the game’s official blurb:

In The War Z, players are thrust into a post-apocalyptic world five-years after a viral outbreak that ravaged the human population and left, in its wake, a nightmare of epic proportion. Hordes of undead zombies infest the cities, and the few remaining human beings have devolved into a lawless, nomadic society where the sole objective is to survive at any cost. Players must use skill and cunning in order to acquire food, weapons and other supplies necessary for survival. While navigating the vast landscape, they will discover cities teeming with the undead as well as other players that may or may not be friendly.

With strong RPG elements, TWZ allows players toearn experience points and then “spend” those points to learn new skills that will aid in their survival. Additionally, there will be opportunities to acquire in-game cash and gold, which can be used to purchase supplies at one of the few safe-settlements located in the game. The War Z will also allow those playing together to join servers as a group or locate friends already playing and join the same server.

Some features of The War Z include the following:
Survival Horror MMO with entire game world build around a Zombie Apocalypse
* Two modes of play: Normal (downed characters can be revived after “cool down” period) and Hardcore (death will be permanent)
* Ability to switch between first-person (FPS) and third-person (TPS) perspectives
* Huge maps ranging between 200 and 400 square kilometers
* Meld of PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player) gameplay
* Unique social elements, including bounties, rewards, help requests, trap setting, etc.
* Safe Settlements: safe cities within the world where players can purchase, sell and store items as well as post notes for other players
* Single purchase, downloadable client with ability to play full game without subscriptions or requiring in-game transactions
* Full developer support with regularly scheduled, free content updates
* Dedicated public servers as well as private servers that can be completely self-managed in game client.

The game is currently in alpha testing phase and will enter closed beta in the “near future”, according to the press release. Beta applications are now up and those interested can sign up over at the War Z website.

The War Z costs $29.99 USD and is set to launch sometime this fall for the PC.

  • Cody M

    Sounds like an easy mode compared to Day Z. Skills that help your survival? I hope these are practical like possibly the ability to carry more ammo, and not something like +100 Health regeneration per second which makes you un-killable if your not a retard.

    Everyone should be on hardcore, and those huge maps aren’t as big compared as ARMA 2.

    They don’t mention how many people will be in and if they always have friendly fire on.

    Safe Settlements? No where is safe in the zombie apocalypse my friend, having a safe zone is really care bear and people will hide there. Not to mention cash would be useless in this world.

    Private servers better not allow them to use that character against public servers, or else people will just farm privately then jump on another server to PvP, easy mode.

    I also do not see any mention of vehicles, Day Z has repairable randomly spawning vehicles.

    Obviously I will still try the game as it’s cheap but I do not expect a better or more harder survival game then Day Z.

    • Anonymous

      How about this: A safe zone that gets attack by zombies from time to time, and the players must defend it if they want to keep it safe. I’m a genius :) This they must apply.

    • Shane

      You Cody M are why people of dayZ are getting pissed off at the gankers or pvpers when dayZ is meant to be a survival vs zombies not people vs people. This game is more geared toward the Dead Island fans or left for dead fans that prefer more of a human vs zombie.. not pvp… So if you like dayZ stick with it and stop bitching about what this game is about. Thank you

    • Skerdi Skenderi

      there is a screnshot of a veichle rambling throught zombies.friendly fire is going to be on.the safe zone is guarded by senetry and gold coins will only be used to buy cool clothes,they will not used to buy weapons,you will find the weapons in the game world.lastly the skills are only used for purpses like learning how to apply a bandage properly so you can get more health. so stop bitching and do some research before you bitch

  • Nigo Vanguard

    Cody M, why wont you copypast your reception to the soon-to-come War Z official beta forums, i agree with you on the point that many aspects are to be improved or at least discussed, but please, MMOfront is obviously not a place for such expressions. I would gladly recommend your comment to anyone to ask :D

  • Cody M

    I would but they do not have a forum.

  • FJMike

    It’s great to see a game trying to take it’s roots from the new popular Zombie game DayZ but the reason it’s such a well loved game is because of that sense that your about to die at any moment because of a zombie around the corner or because your hungry and you need food. I really thing that having cites or some shop locations in where you can buy items will really draw all that out. I hope this game goes well but I hope that have some sort of back up plan for if this fails because I’m having a feeling that their going to fall flat on there butts, but yet still best luck to them.

  • Nigo Vanguard

    Same for you, FJMike, make sure your reception will travel right into their forum.

  • Bebe’s Beast

    i see this as a mmo version of dead island. just because there’s a safe zone don’t mean it’ll be carebear.

  • chris chinchilla

    Sigh…. Was hoping for a true mmo

    • Cody M

      too bad :D this is much better.

  • Cody M
  • Christy Rattigan

    What a rip off lol. They couldn’t even come up with their own name.

    • Cody M

      you couldn’t even come up with a new insult, I am a Day Z player but I bet you their name was picked first.

      Their last game was War Inc. Makes sense that this would be War Z.

  • kujt

    hello guys I am looking for some players 16-20+ years old

    i will buy the (pioneer pack) and start the game at the (OCTOBER 15) if you want to play with me you can add me in skype : kamuiisonline
    please only nice poeples (i hate rude poeples)

    I am pleased to see you.

    and btw sorry for my bad english